How to Add Variations to eBay Listing: Step-by-Step

Creating a variation of the list helps the customer to understand between similar items in a bulk and fixed price listing.

The Reason You Need Listing With Variations

Attaching variations to your list allows you to use particular items for the group that is related to items below a single list. e.g, if you sell t-shirts creating a single list with different sizes and colors, multi-variations can explain the difference.

Benefits of ebay Variation Listing

  • The benefits of creating variation listings outweigh the value of the recent sales scores.
  • Let’s say, you’re selling T-shirts. You can make different sizes and colors in one list with multiple variations.
  • Listing with variation gives the consumer a systematic way to understand the difference between similar items.
  • For your information, most classifications are set up for eBay posting varieties.

Listing With Variations vs Single Item Listing

Variation listing

There are 5 different categories you can have – material, color, model, width, and compatibility with technical accessories; and under each category, you can have 60 different values. In total for 250 variations, there are no additional or hidden charges.

When searching for an item but haven’t decided yet on the color or size you want, lots of options in one listing helps customers to know what they are buying.

Single item listing

Working with a list of items is a simple thing to do. You can collect all the items you want to upload and use the existing default title for your listing. You won’t have to use specific wording, as the default title shows them.

How to Add Variations to ebay Listings

This guide will show you how to add variations to eBay listings step by step serially.

Step 1: Create an item with the listing. Click the “Sell” button at the top of the page.

add variations to ebay listing


Step 2:  You need to add variation and option. It will add a variation label, e.g., (Color, Size, Length, etc.). In the pop-up window, click the “Add variation option” button.

add variations to ebay listing


add variations to ebay listing


add variations to ebay listing

Step 3: Set the variation. You can add your price and quantity for every variation. If you don’t have any variation, you can delete it. Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number can be anything but remember that each variation SKU number is different.

add variations to ebay listing

add variations to ebay listing

How to List Multiple Items in a Single Posting on ebay?

Use a new implement to create a bulk listing.

Click on “Buy It Now” and then “Quantity.” Now put the digit of items you’re selling (if you don’t see the fixed price tag or can’t enter a number in the quantity field, remember to check that you are meeting the requirements).

Complete the remainder of your posting and select “list items.”


To create a fixed price listing you need to meet the listing requirements:

add variations to ebay listing

The number of items can you post on eBay for free?

When selling your items, you will have to pay a selling fee, but eBay increases the quantity of free month-to-month postings for dealers from 20 to 1000. At this time, private vendors who need to list more than 20 items each month need to pay $0.30 for each extra item they list.

How many items can you list on eBay for free?

Listing is free on eBay but there is a limit.

  • No store package – up to 50 free listings
  • Starter store package – up to 100 free listings
  • Basic store package – up to 250 free listings

How many items you can sell in one month

The limit of selling items for the new seller is 10. The total of $500 you can deal during a month which is the quality limit for the fresh eBay sellers.

Charges of the item don’t sell?

When you sell an item, eBay charges you a valuation fee. Nothing to worry about other third-party processing fees. The full amount of sales is calculated as a percentage, plus $0.03 per order.

Fees Categories:

add variations to ebay listing

How to Edit Variation on ebay Listing

1. Changing the category

add variations to ebay listing

You need to follow all the rules that apply to the new category. Otherwise, the listing request will fail. Select the list you want to revise in my eBay and click on the “change category” button.

You can’t fully delete a variation will purchase. To remain active, a variation retains at least a quantity.

2. Removing all variations

add variations to ebay listing

To remove all variations from a listing (without replacing them)

  • Clicking “End Fixed Item” or “End Item” will remove the variation.
  • Using “Add Fixed Price Item” or “Add Item” creates a new listing without variation.

3. Revamping existing variations

The rules will be the same as the new list and the modified variations. If the inventory tracking method is according to SKU, you can’t change a variation’s SKU when you rework or relist

Quick tips

  • A single item listing and a listing with variations shouldn’t have the same item.
  • When you choose to list in 2 categories, make sure that both of them allow listing that has variations.
  • Use appropriate variations for the item. Don’t use a single listing with variations to sell different products. It will break eBay’s policy and also cause a poor search and buying experience.


1. Does eBay charge for variation?

Answer: you can have up to 250 varieties in a single list at no extra expense. The costs of the item might differ, however, your payment methods and transportation costs will be something similar.

2. How to sell 10 or more items on eBay?

Answer: For new sellers, 10 items can sell a total worth up to $500.

  • Visit My eBay selling overview
  • Browsing down to the monthly selling limits
  • Click the link for inquiry a limit increase

3. What categories have variations on eBay?

Answer: you can go to the multi-variation page for more information on how multi-variation listing works.

  • Art. Art drawings
  • Baby. Baby gears
  • Business & industrial
  • Camera & photo
  • Cell phone & accessories
  • Clothing, shoes & accessories

4. How many pictures can you have per variation on eBay?

Answer: You can set up to 12 pictures for each variation. Always remember to be sure that your quantity and your inventory are the same in eBay inventory.

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